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Serial port interface for UNI-T UT61E and other multimeters with the ES51922 chip.

## Features

* Uses decimals instead of floats for exact representation of measured values.
* Reads measurement unit from the multimeter.
* Uses range info to bring measurements down to a non-prefixed unit
    (e.g. always shows A instead of mA).
* Detects corrupted packets and discards them.
* Stamps measurements with a monotonic clock with microsecond resolution.
* Timestamps and units can be omitted in the output.

## Usage


@@ 16,6 26,19 @@ $ ./es51922-serial.py /dev/ttyUSB0
568004872363278 0.000195 A

## Unsupported multimeter functions

* Low battery indication (not implemented).
* AC/DC indication (not implemented).
* Frequency and duty cycle measurements in voltage and current modes (ranges not
    defined in the datasheet, need to reverse engineer).
* Peak value function (observed weird values when trying to implement).
* REL/Zero measurements (observed weird values when trying to implement).
* Temperature measurement (no way to test, I only have UNI-T UT61E without
    temperature mode).
* VBAR == high (pertains to temperature and clamp current measurements).
* ADP (pertains to temperature and clamp current measurements).

## Documents

* [Cyrustek ES51922 datasheet](https://files.krystianch.com/ES51922.pdf)