Remove padding if there's only 1 photo in gallery
Make ad detail thumbnails all show up in a grid

This also removes the gallery macro as it no longer serves two purposes.
Fix gallery URL fragments polluting history

This called for a redesign of the full-screen gallery.
Make logo customizable
Lazy load thumbnails
Don't ask to revalidate cache by default
Switch from toml to tomllib
Fix 4 photo columns not fitting on screen

Introduces breakpoints to determine column count from screen width.
Don't break constraints when swapping photos
Fix indentation
Remove the X button in gallery

User might expect that pressing X would behave like a back button.
It's better to force the user to use the browser's back button to avoid
confusion about the history.
Fix uploaded photos all having pos = 0

Also add a DB constraint to avoid similar bugs in the future.
Disable buttons for moving photos outside bounds
Split the ad edit view

I simplified it a bit too. The side effect is that lastmod is updated
even if user clicked save but didn't change anything. But it's ok IMO.
Convert RGBA images to RGB
Add config entry to disable account creation
Use full height when only one photo in gallery
Skip validating password when registering via CLI
Fix unintentional top level code exec in template
Add info about not displaying emails