fork of with some weird branches
a502801e — qookie 5 months ago
Implement some C library functions for userspace, make the system timer global for all processes
0c80adc8 — qookie 5 months ago
Fix possible buffer overflows in the server manager
8c95c084 — qookie 5 months ago
Implement a simple server manager


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quack is a 32bit open source operating system written primarily in C and Assembly.


To build quack, you need to have the following: - i686-elf GCC and Binutils - nasm - make

To generate a bootable ISO image, you need: - grub-mkrescue and everything else needed to use it(mkisofs, xorriso, etc.)

Once you acquired all the necessary tools, you are ready to build the OS. Building is simple and only requires a few steps. Usually building looks something like this: $ git clone $ cd quack $ make If you plan on working on the kernel, and the build doesn't need to run on real hardware, use make DEBUG=1 instead of just make. This will enable the debug port output and debugging symbols. For more information about debug port output, see the comment in kernel/io/debug_port.c.

After that's done with no reported errors, you should have a kernel.bin file in the project directory. As an optional step, you can build the ISO image with an initrd using the following: $ ./ This should produce quack.iso in the current directory.