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#Nftables Snap package

Provides the latest version of nftables command-line utility with the intention of replacing outdated and buggy packages provided by mainline Linux distributions. You can install this package from the Snap Store:

snap install nftables-pk

As well as create a system-wide alias:

snap alias nftables-pk.nft nft

Remember to update your nftables scripts to point to /snap/bin/nft which is the new location of the nft binary.

As the program does not have access to the system-wide /etc directory, configuration files are expected to be located in /var/snap/nftables-pk/common.

Simplest usage example - put your nftables configuraton in /var/snap/nftables-pk/common/nftables.conf and run:

nft -f /var/snap/nftables-pk/common/nftables.conf
nft list ruleset

Because the /var/snap/nftables-pk/common is mapped, you can also load the same file as:

nft -f /etc/nftables.conf
nft list ruleset

Any other file from that directory - e.g. /var/snap/nftables-pk/common/other.conf can be loaded as follows:

nft -f /etc/nftables/other.conf
nft list ruleset

See nftables for documentation and examples.


git clone git@bitbucket.org:kravietz/snap-nftables.git
cd snap-nftables

The snap runs in full confinement which means it does not have access to general operating system files and kernel interfaces used to configure nftables by default. If installed from Snap Store, these should be automatically connected. If you're building it on your own, you need to connect them after installation:

snap install --dangerous nftables-pk_v0.9.1_amd64.snap
snap connect nftables-pk:firewall-control
snap connect nftables-pk:network-control