Update timer.sh termdown font
Add support for new tkg-znver2 kernel
Remove aur packages check
Move watch_add_packages to separate krack project
Rename aur to kaur to avoid aurutils file conflicts
Fix system_maintenance.sh flatpak update handling
Move compress_cp to its own script instead of ~/git/dots/bashrc
See previous commit
See previous commit
See previous commit
See previous commit
Attempt to fix watch_add_packages
Update gen-initrds
Update watch_add_packages error message
Update test-compression.sh to only test decompression once for each program/config
Update watch_add_packages to not hardcode krathalan.db.tar; update copyright info; update readme to reflect watch_add_packages changes
Update copyright info; unify style in all scripts
Update test_compression.sh with two winners, for different use cases
Fix gen-initrds for games hostname
Fix gen-initrds failure