edd6399f1460a365dfc0b8d14325c611d530b1b5 — Hunter Peavey 3 years ago 5e0689e
Remove aur packages check
1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

M system_maintenance.sh
M system_maintenance.sh => system_maintenance.sh +0 -8
@@ 166,14 166,6 @@ printf "\n%s. Updating packages...\n" "${stepWithColor}"
sudo pacman -Syu

# The reason I grep for krathalan here is because the popular aurutils
# project also contains a /usr/bin/aur
if check_command kaur; then
  printf "\n%s. Checking for local package updates from the AUR...\n" "${stepWithColor}"
  kaur check --quiet

printf "\n%s. Removing unused packages...\n" "${stepWithColor}"
if pacman -Qttdq > /dev/null; then
  # Disable this shellcheck as we want words to split here