03c24c56abe66cf7f1e20e81010c678a6b486be1 — Hunter Peavey 2 years ago 15eafdd master
Update ublock and request control rules
3 files changed, 26 insertions(+), 503 deletions(-)

M krathalans-request-control-rules.json
M krathalans-ublock-dynamic-rules.txt
D krathalans-umatrix-rules.txt
M krathalans-request-control-rules.json => krathalans-request-control-rules.json +21 -0
@@ 664,5 664,26 @@
    "title": "Block%20USPS%20Tracking%20Parameters",
    "tag": "filter-usps-param"
    "uuid": "cb1431a9-835f-46e5-8b46-6fa41be79599",
    "pattern": {
      "scheme": "*",
      "host": [
      "path": [
    "types": [
    "action": "redirect",
    "active": true,
    "title": "Redirect%20twitter%20to%20nitter",
    "description": "Redirect%20rule%20for%20switching%20twitter%20links%20to%20nitter",
    "tag": "twitter-to-nitter",
    "redirectUrl": "https://nitter.krathalan.net{pathname}"
\ No newline at end of file

M krathalans-ublock-dynamic-rules.txt => krathalans-ublock-dynamic-rules.txt +5 -1
@@ 1,7 1,7 @@
! Krathalan's uBlock Origin dynamic rules
! Unfortunately with the deprecation of uMatrix this is the next best way
! to block third party scripts and frames (without using NoScript).
! Updated February 2, 2020
! Updated March 31, 2020
! Homepage: https://git.sr.ht/~krathalan/firefox-complement
! Direct link: https://git.sr.ht/~krathalan/firefox-complement/blob/master/krathalans-ublock-dynamic-rules.txt
! Copyright (c) 2018-2020 krathalan; License: https://gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.txt

@@ 9,6 9,7 @@ no-csp-reports: * true
no-large-media: behind-the-scene false
* * 3p-frame block
* * 3p-script block
9to5linux.com ajax.cloudflare.com * noop
abc7amarillo.com sinclairstoryline.com * noop
akhilnarang.me cloudflare.com * noop
alternativeto.net jquery.com * noop

@@ 70,6 71,7 @@ bugs.chromium.org googlehosted.com * noop
bugs.chromium.org monorail-prod-default-v091-dot-monorail-prod.appspot.com * noop
cbsnews.com cbsistatic.com * noop
chromereleases.googleblog.com ajax.googleapis.com * noop
color.firefox.com color.r53-2.services.mozilla.com * noop
community.arduboy.com discourse-cdn.com * noop
community.letsencrypt.org discourse-cdn.com * noop
community.letsencrypt.org kxcdn.com * noop

@@ 190,6 192,7 @@ theverge.com vox-cdn.com * noop
theverge.com voxmedia.com * noop
tomsguide.com futurecdn.net * noop
tools.usps.com upsiloncdn.net * noop
translate.google.com www.gstatic.com * noop
tumblr.com ajax.googleapis.com * noop
tuxphones.com cloudflare.com * noop
tuxphones.com jquery.com * noop

@@ 202,6 205,7 @@ userbenchmark.com ajax.googleapis.com * noop
us.shop.battle.net akamai.net * noop
vimeo.com vimeocdn.com * noop
voidlinux.org github.com * noop
w3schools.com cs837.wac.edgecastcdn.net * noop
warcraftlogs.com cloudflare.com * noop
warcraftlogs.com datatables.net * noop
warcraftlogs.com dmszsuqyoe6y6.cloudfront.net * noop

D krathalans-umatrix-rules.txt => krathalans-umatrix-rules.txt +0 -502
@@ 1,502 0,0 @@
! Krathalan's uMatrix Rules
! Updated September 8, 2020
! Homepage: https://git.sr.ht/~krathalan/firefox-complement
! Direct link: https://git.sr.ht/~krathalan/firefox-complement/blob/master/krathalans-umatrix-rules.txt
! Copyright (c) 2018-2020 krathalan; License: https://gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.txt
https-strict: behind-the-scene false
matrix-off: true
matrix-off: about-scheme true
matrix-off: behind-the-scene true
matrix-off: chrome-extension-scheme true
matrix-off: chrome-scheme true
matrix-off: localhost true
matrix-off: moz-extension-scheme true
matrix-off: opera-scheme true
matrix-off: vivaldi-scheme true
matrix-off: wyciwyg-scheme true
noscript-spoof: * true
referrer-spoof: * true
referrer-spoof: behind-the-scene false
* * * block
* * cookie block
* * css allow
* * frame block
* * image allow
* * script block
* 1st-party * allow
* 1st-party frame allow
* disqus.com * block
* facebook.com * block
* facebook.net * block
* fonts.googleapis.com * block
* google.com * block
* gstatic.com * block
* img.youtube.com image allow
* invidio.us frame allow
* invidio.us media allow
* invidio.us script allow
* invidio.us xhr allow
* invidious image allow
* pinterest.com * block
* recaptcha.net * block
* roosterfirework.com * block
* s.ytimg.com cookie block
* s.ytimg.com script allow
* summerhamster.com * block
* twitter.com * block
* youtube-nocookie.com cookie block
* youtube-nocookie.com frame allow
* youtube-nocookie.com image block
* youtube-nocookie.com media block
* youtube-nocookie.com script allow
* youtube.com cookie block
* youtube.com frame allow
* youtube.com image block
* youtube.com media block
* youtube.com script allow
* ytimg.com * block
abc7amarillo.com * script inherit
abc7amarillo.com sinclairstoryline.com script allow
akhilnarang.me * script inherit
akhilnarang.me cloudflare.com script allow
allrecipes.com * script inherit
alternativeto.net * script inherit
alternativeto.net jquery.com script allow
alternativeto.net jsdelivr.net script allow
andrewchristian.com * script inherit
andrewchristian.com cloudflare.com script allow
android.com fonts.googleapis.com * inherit
android.com gstatic.com * inherit
android.com gstatic.com script allow
androidcentral.com * script inherit
androidcentral.com cloudflare.com script allow
androidfilehost.com * cookie inherit
androidfilehost.com * script inherit
androidfilehost.com ajax.googleapis.com script allow
androidfilehost.com cloudflare.com script allow
apkmirror.com * cookie inherit
apkmirror.com * script inherit
apkmirror.com assets.hcaptcha.com frame allow
apkmirror.com hcaptcha.com script allow
apkmirror.com hcaptcha.com xhr allow
appimage.org discourse-cdn-sjc2.com script allow
apple.com * script inherit
apple.com cdn-apple.com script allow
apps.nextcloud.com * script inherit
archive.org * script inherit
archiveprogram.github.com * script inherit
archiveprogram.github.com jquery.com script allow
archlinux.de * script inherit
archlinux.org * cookie inherit
archlinuxarm.org * script inherit
archlinuxarm.org ajax.googleapis.com script allow
arstechnica.com * script inherit
arstechnica.com arstechnica.net script allow
artstation.com * script inherit
ballotpedia.org * script inherit
ballotpedia.org ajax.googleapis.com script allow
ballotpedia.org billtrack50.com script allow
barnesandnoble.com js-bn.com script allow
battle.net * cookie inherit
battle.net * script inherit
battle.net akamaihd.net script allow
battle.net akamaized.net script allow
bbc.co.uk * script inherit
bbc.co.uk bbci.co.uk script allow
bbc.co.uk llnwd.net xhr allow
bbc.com * script inherit
bbc.com bbc.co.uk script allow
bbc.com bbci.co.uk script allow
becu.org * cookie inherit
becu.org * script inherit
billtrack50.com * script inherit
billtrack50.com ajax.googleapis.com script allow
bjsrestaurants.com * script inherit
bleepingcomputer.com * script inherit
bleepingcomputer.com bleepstatic.com script allow
blizzard.com * cookie inherit
blizzard.com * script inherit
blizzard.com akamaized.net script allow
blizzard.com battle.net script allow
blizzard.com d176jfkp3gfyt8.cloudfront.net script allow
blizzard.com d1bxyeo4j34oeb.cloudfront.net script allow
blizzard.com d2ertrwg9e34np.cloudfront.net script allow
blizzard.com d38bqls1q93fod.cloudfront.net script allow
blizzard.com d74zh8edaijub.cloudfront.net script allow
blizzard.com d9me64que7cqs.cloudfront.net script allow
blizzardgearstore.com * script inherit
blizzcon.com akamaihd.net script allow
blizzcon.com akamaihd.net xhr allow
bloodmallet.com * script inherit
bloodmallet.com bootstrapcdn.com script allow
bloodmallet.com highcharts.com script allow
bloodmallet.com jquery.com script allow
bloodmallet.com jsdelivr.net script allow
bloodmallet.com wowhead.com xhr allow
bloodmallet.com zamimg.com script allow
bloomberg.com bwbx.io script allow
bloomberg.com www.bloomberg.com script allow
bountysource.com cloudflare.com script allow
bountysource.com d2bbtvgnhux6eq.cloudfront.net script allow
bugzilla.mozilla.org * cookie inherit
bungie.net * script inherit
businessinsider.com * script inherit
cbsnews.com cbsistatic.com script allow
chocolatey.org * script inherit
cloudflare.com * script inherit
community.arduboy.com discourse-cdn.com script allow
crates.io * script inherit
curseforge.com * cookie inherit
curseforge.com * script inherit
cyberciti.biz * cookie inherit
cyberciti.biz * script inherit
dailymotion.com * script inherit
dailymotion.com ajax.googleapis.com script allow
dailymotion.com dmcdn.net script allow
darksky.net * script inherit
ddo.com * script inherit
decentraleyes.org * script inherit
decentraleyes.org ajax.googleapis.com script allow
deepl.com * script inherit
destinytracker.com * script inherit
digitalocean.com * script inherit
disroot.org * cookie inherit
disroot.org * script inherit
dnsleaktest.com * script inherit
downforeveryoneorjustme.com * script inherit
downforeveryoneorjustme.com downfor.cloud xhr allow
drewdevault.com sr.ht media allow
duckduckgo.com * cookie inherit
duckduckgo.com * script inherit
ebay.com * script inherit
ebay.com ebaydesc.com frame allow
ebay.com ebaystatic.com script allow
engadget.com * script inherit
esquire.com * script inherit
exercism.io * cookie inherit
exercism.io * script inherit
exercism.io cloudflare.com script allow
fandango.com ajax.googleapis.com script allow
fast.com * script allow
fast.com * xhr allow
fckdrm.com * script inherit
firefox.com * script inherit
firefox.com mozilla.net * allow
flashalert.net * cookie inherit
flathub.org * script inherit
flickr.com * script inherit
flickr.com staticflickr.com script allow
flickr.com yimg.com script allow
forbes.com forbesimg.com script allow
fosdem.org * media allow
freesound.org * script inherit
freewear.org * script inherit
gamepedia.com * script inherit
gamerdvr.com * script inherit
gamerdvr.com xboxlive.com media allow
gamesradar.com * script inherit
gamesradar.com futurecdn.net script allow
getfedora.org * script inherit
gfycat.com * script inherit
giphy.com * script inherit
github.com * cookie inherit
github.com github-production-user-asset-6210df.s3.amazonaws.com xhr allow
github.com githubassets.com script allow
gitlab.com * cookie inherit
gitlab.com * script inherit
gitlab.com gitlab-static.net script allow
gitlab.freedesktop.org * cookie inherit
gitlab.freedesktop.org * script inherit
gitlab.gnome.org * cookie inherit
gitlab.gnome.org * script inherit
gizmodo.com * script inherit
gizmodo.com kinja-static.com script allow
gog.com * cookie inherit
gog.com * script inherit
gpuboss.com * script inherit
gpuboss.com ajax.googleapis.com script allow
groupon.com * script inherit
groupon.com grouponcdn.com script allow
howtogeek.com * script inherit
ibm.com * script inherit
icy-veins.com * script inherit
icy-veins.com bloodmallet.com script allow
icy-veins.com bloodmallet.com xhr allow
icy-veins.com cursecdn.com script allow
icy-veins.com highcharts.com script allow
icy-veins.com wowdb.com script allow
ifixit.com * script inherit
ifixit.com algolianet.com * allow
ifixit.com d1ulmmr4d4i8j4.cloudfront.net script allow
ign.com ignimgs.com script allow
imdb.com * script inherit
imdb.com db187550c7dkf.cloudfront.net script allow
imdb.com media-amazon.com script allow
imdb.com media-imdb.com media allow
imdb.com media-imdb.com script allow
imdb.com ssl-images-amazon.com script allow
imgur.com * script inherit
indiegogo.com * cookie inherit
indiegogo.com * script inherit
indiegogo.com iggcdn.com script allow
indiegogo.com ytimg.com * allow
informationisbeautiful.net * script inherit
informationisbeautiful.net amazonaws.com script allow
informationisbeautiful.net vizsweet.com xhr allow
intel.com * script inherit
invidio.us googlevideo.com media allow
ipv6-test.com * script inherit
irssi.org * script inherit
jetbrains.com * cookie inherit
jetbrains.com * script inherit
jqplay.org * script inherit
kickstarter.com * cookie inherit
kickstarter.com * script inherit
kingcounty.gov ajax.googleapis.com script allow
kingcounty.gov bootstrapcdn.com script allow
komonews.com * script inherit
komonews.com sinclairstoryline.com script allow
kotaku.com * script inherit
kotaku.com kinja-static.com script allow
liberapay.com * cookie inherit
liberapay.com * script inherit
lifehacker.com * script inherit
lifehacker.com kinja-static.com script allow
light.gg * script inherit
light.gg cloudflare.com script allow
light.gg jsdelivr.net script allow
lineageos.org * script inherit
lineageos.org cloudflare.com script allow
lineageos.org jquery.com script allow
linode.com * cookie inherit
linode.com * script inherit
linode.com cloudflare.com script allow
linode.com hcaptcha.com frame allow
linode.com hcaptcha.com script allow
linode.com hcaptcha.com xhr allow
linustechtips.com * script inherit
linuxconfig.org * script inherit
linuxconfig.org cloudflare.com script allow
lmgtfy.com * script inherit
lmgtfy.com ajax.googleapis.com script allow
lutris.net * script inherit
manjaro.org * script inherit
marketplace.visualstudio.com * script inherit
marketplace.visualstudio.com vsassets.io script allow
microsoft.com * script inherit
minecraft.net * script inherit
minecraft.net braintreegateway.com script allow
minecraft.net mojang.com xhr allow
monitor.firefox.com * cookie inherit
mozilla.github.io * script inherit
mozilla.org * script inherit
mozilla.org bugzilla-graphql-gateway.herokuapp.com xhr allow
mozilla.org mozilla.net script allow
mullvad.net * cookie inherit
mullvad.net * script inherit
mullvad.net js.stripe.com frame allow
mullvad.net stripe.com * allow
newegg.com * cookie inherit
newegg.com * script inherit
newegg.com gstatic.com script allow
newegg.com neweggimages.com script allow
newegg.com www.gstatic.com * allow
newsweek.com * script inherit
nitter.net * cookie inherit
nitter.net * script inherit
nixnet.services * script inherit
njal.la * script inherit
nymag.com pixel.nymag.com * block
observatory.mozilla.org * xhr allow
omnirom.org * script inherit
omnirom.org github.com xhr allow
omnirom.org unpkg.com script allow
opensuse.org * script inherit
orcacard.com * cookie inherit
orcacard.com * script inherit
orcacard.com digicert.com script allow
outline.com * script inherit
outline.com outlineapi.com xhr allow
overwatchleague.com * script inherit
overwatchleague.com akamaized.net xhr allow
overwatchleague.com d2y4mhrku00tr3.cloudfront.net script allow
overwatchleague.com majorleaguegaming.com frame allow
overwatchleague.com majorleaguegaming.com script allow
panerabread.com * script inherit
patreon.com * script inherit
patreon.com cloudflare.com script allow
pcgamer.com * script inherit
pcgamer.com futurecdn.net script allow
peertube.social * script inherit
phoronix.com * script inherit
phoronix.com openbenchmarking.org media allow
phoronix.com openbenchmarking.org script allow
playoverwatch.com * script inherit
playoverwatch.com d1u1mce87gyfbn.cloudfront.net media allow
playoverwatch.com d3hmvhl7ru3t12.cloudfront.net media allow
playoverwatch.com d3hmvhl7ru3t12.cloudfront.net script allow
politico.com www.politico.com script allow
polygon.com vox-cdn.com script allow
polygon.com voxmedia.com script allow
privacy.com * cookie inherit
privacy.com * script inherit
privacytools.io * script inherit
projectgenesis.com * script inherit
protondb.com * script inherit
pythonclock.org * script inherit
quizlet.com * script inherit
raider.io * cookie inherit
raider.io * script inherit
raider.io anyclip.com * block
raider.io ayads.co * block
raider.io cloudflare.com script allow
raider.io google.com script allow
raider.io reamaze.com * block
raider.io wowhead.com script allow
raider.io wowhead.com xhr allow
raider.io zamimg.com script allow
realmpop.com * script inherit
realmpop.com ajax.googleapis.com script allow
realmpop.com google.com script allow
reddit.com * cookie inherit
reddit.com * script inherit
reddit.com aaxads.com * block
reddit.com amazonaws.com xhr allow
reddit.com redd.it media allow
reddit.com redd.it xhr allow
reddit.com redditmedia.com frame allow
reddit.com redditmedia.com media allow
reddit.com redditstatic.com script allow
regex101.com * script inherit
repology.org * script inherit
reuters.com * script inherit
reuters.com reutersmedia.net script allow
reuters.com thomsonreuters.com frame allow
reuters.com thomsonreuters.com script allow
riot.im * cookie inherit
riot.im * script inherit
riot.im matrix.org cookie allow
riot.im matrix.org xhr allow
rust-lang.github.io * script inherit
rust-lang.github.io cloudflare.com script allow
rust-lang.org * script inherit
search.privacytools.io * cookie inherit
seattletimes.com * script inherit
securitylab.github.com * script inherit
shields.io * script inherit
shields.io gstatic.com * inherit
signal.org * script inherit
signal.org ajax.googleapis.com script allow
signal.org bootstrapcdn.com script allow
signal.org jquery.com script allow
smokeandshine.com * script inherit
sourceforge.net fsdn.com script allow
speedof.me * script inherit
speedof.me highcharts.com script allow
speedof.me jquery.com script allow
sr.ht * cookie inherit
startpage.com * script inherit
steamcommunity.com * cookie inherit
steamcommunity.com * script inherit
steamcommunity.com akamaihd.net media allow
steamcommunity.com akamaihd.net script allow
steampowered.com * cookie inherit
steampowered.com * script inherit
steampowered.com akamaihd.net media allow
steampowered.com akamaihd.net script allow
stedolan.github.io * script inherit
stedolan.github.io ajax.googleapis.com script allow
stedolan.github.io bootstrapcdn.com script allow
streamable.com * script inherit
swaywm.org * script inherit
swaywm.org sr.ht media allow
system76.com * script inherit
system76.com d1vhcvzji58n1j.cloudfront.net script allow
target.com * script inherit
target.com targetimg1.com script allow
techradar.com * script inherit
techradar.com futurecdn.net script allow
ted.com * script inherit
ted.com tedcdn.com script allow
ted.com tedcdn.com xhr allow
terminal.sexy * script inherit
theguardian.com guardianapps.co.uk xhr allow
theguardian.com hm732.com * block
theguardian.com n123loi.com * block
theverge.com vox-cdn.com frame allow
theverge.com vox-cdn.com script allow
theverge.com voxmedia.com script allow
thinkpenguin.com * cookie inherit
tomsguide.com * script inherit
tomsguide.com futurecdn.net script allow
tumblr.com * script inherit
tumblr.com ajax.googleapis.com script allow
tuxphones.com * script inherit
tuxphones.com cloudflare.com script allow
tuxphones.com jquery.com script allow
twitch.tv * script inherit
twitch.tv client-event-reporter.twitch.tv * block
twitch.tv d2v02itv0y9u9t.cloudfront.net * block
twitch.tv media-amazon.com * block
twitch.tv ttvnw.net xhr allow
twitch.tv twitchcdn.net script allow
twitch.tv twitchsvc.net * block
twitter.com twitter.com * inherit
twofactorauth.org * script inherit
twofactorauth.org cloudflare.com script allow
twofactorauth.org jquery.com script allow
ups.com * script inherit
userbenchmark.com * script inherit
userbenchmark.com ajax.googleapis.com script allow
vimeo.com * cookie inherit
vimeo.com * script inherit
vimeo.com leatherback-dot-vimeo-prod.appspot.com xhr allow
vimeo.com storage.googleapis.com xhr allow
vimeo.com vimeocdn.com script allow
vimeo.com vimeocdn.com xhr allow
vimeo.com www.googleapis.com xhr allow
voidlinux.org * cookie inherit
voidlinux.org * script inherit
voidlinux.org github.com script allow
votewa.gov * script inherit
w3schools.com * script inherit
wago.io * script inherit
warcraft-secrets.com jquery.com script allow
warcraftlogs.com * script inherit
warcraftlogs.com cloudflare.com script allow
warcraftlogs.com datatables.net script allow
warcraftlogs.com dmszsuqyoe6y6.cloudfront.net script allow
warcraftlogs.com wowhead.com xhr allow
warcraftlogs.com zamimg.com script allow
warcraftpets.com * script inherit
warcraftpets.com ajax.googleapis.com script allow
wikihow.com * script inherit
wikipedia.org wikimedia.org media allow
winehq.org fontawesome.com script allow
worldofwarcraft.com * cookie inherit
worldofwarcraft.com * script inherit
worldofwarcraft.com akamaihd.net media allow
worldofwarcraft.com akamaized.net script allow
wowhead.com * cookie inherit
wowhead.com * script inherit
wowhead.com ajax.googleapis.com script allow
wowhead.com anyclip.com * block
wowhead.com blizzard.com xhr allow
wowhead.com brealtime.com * block
wowhead.com ttvnw.net xhr allow
wowhead.com twitch.tv * allow
wowhead.com twitch.tv frame allow
wowhead.com videoplayerhub.com * block
wowhead.com vntsm.com * block
wowhead.com www.googleapis.com script allow
wowhead.com ytimg.com * allow
wowhead.com zamimg.com * allow
wowtokenprices.com * script inherit
wowtokenprices.com ajax.googleapis.com script allow
xboxclips.com xboxlive.com media allow
xda-developers.com ajax.googleapis.com script allow
xda-developers.com algolia.net xhr allow
xda-developers.com cloudflare.com script allow
xda-developers.com xda-cdn.com script allow
xiaomifirmwareupdater.com * script inherit
xiaomifirmwareupdater.com cloudflare.com script allow