Files that make Firefox nicer
Update ublock and request control rules
Update ubo annoyances list
Update ubo rules


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Files that make Firefox nicer. Any addons mentioned are free software.


Rulesets are included for Request Control and uMatrix.

#NOTICE: uMatrix Rules

With the deprecation/archiving of uMatrix (https://github.com/gorhill/uMatrix), I have translated my uMatrix rule list into a uBlock Origin dynamic rules list that is much less granular. The uBlock Origin dynamic rules list blocks 3rd party scripts and frames by default and selectively reenables 3rd party scripts on a site-by-site basis, similar to the old uMatrix rules list. I will keep the uMatrix rules list in this repo for the time being.

#Filter Lists

Additional filter lists for uBlock Origin are recommended below.


Web Annoyances Ultralist is a great filter list: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/yourduskquibbles/webannoyances/master/ultralist.txt

My (krathalan's) Annoyances list seeks to remove ads, clutter, popovers, and popunders. The list also seeks to remove dark patterns that interrupt content or keep you on a website, like "content carousels", "most popular articles", "suggested content", and "recommended stories".

Krathalan's Annoyances list: https://git.sr.ht/~krathalan/firefox-complement/blob/master/uBlock_Filters/krathalans-annoyances.txt

#Third party fonts

Fanboy's Anti-thirdparty Fonts list: https://fanboy.co.nz/fanboy-antifonts.txt

Fonts are commonly loaded from Google, Amazon, and other font hosting sites. This list stops that. The Fanboy list blocks some websites from loading fonts from their own domain, such as on gitlab.com for proper icons.

Some websites may look different or broken when using this list.


Many of these are simply good hosts lists meant to be used with Pihole or similar programs, but work well with uBlock Origin as well.

Anti-ad: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/anudeepND/blacklist/master/adservers.txt

Anti-coin miners: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/anudeepND/blacklist/master/CoinMiner.txt

Anti-Facebook (anudeepND): https://raw.githubusercontent.com/anudeepND/blacklist/master/facebook.txt

Anti-Facebook (lightswitch05): https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lightswitch05/hosts/master/docs/lists/facebook-extended.txt

Anti-scam/trojans/etc: https://gitlab.com/quidsup/notrack-blocklists/raw/master/notrack-malware.txt

Anti-tracker: https://gitlab.com/quidsup/notrack-blocklists/raw/master/notrack-blocklist.txt

Anti-ad/malware: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/StevenBlack/hosts/master/hosts

Anti-ad/tracking/malware: https://v.firebog.net/hosts/static/w3kbl.txt


The user.js in this repository is quite minimal. It's meant to be used as an appendage to ghack's user.js. Read it and uncomment what you need.