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completion of the tour
completed the entire basics section of the tour (chapter 1)
Add through the end of maps at 1.3.23!
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Add 1.3.18 and 1.3.19
1.3.17 and starting 1.3.18
More files on slices, and a range example
Add 1.3.13 making slices
Added 1.3.12, and more notes delineating the differences between slices and arrays
Added 1.3.11 and modified 1.3.4 comment
Update incorrect comments on 1.3.10
Added sections 1.3.1 through 1.3.10 inclusive
completed section 1.2
completed loops and func exercise
Add if and else example
Add second if example
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for loops and started if statements
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Completed the package-variables-functions section of the 'Basics'