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Package xdg provides access to the FreeDesktop.org (XDG) specs.

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Documentation is available via godoc. Here are direct links to the documentation pages for each package:

  • xdg - Provides xdg.Open function to call xdg-open command.
  • xdg/basedir - Provides access to the xdg basedir spec.
  • xdg/desktop - Read desktop files (w/ localization support).
  • xdg/keyfile - Provides access to xdg key file format (w/ localization support).
  • xdg/trash - Provides access to xdg trash spec.
  • xdg/userdirs - Provides access to common user directories.


Tests can be run with go test.

The tests for the xdg/trash package expect the trash to exist ($XDG_DATA_HOME/Trash/files (or $HOME/.local/share/Trash/files if $XDG_DATA_HOME is undefined)).

The tests for the xdg/userdirs package require the xdg-user-dir command.


  • autostart
  • desktop.Launch (in progress on desktop-launch branch)
  • trash.New (requires checking for a "sticky bit" on the filesystem of the drive on which the trash exists; in addition to other (easier) checks)