Optimize canvas drawing
Implement template cache

That way we are not loading and parsing the template files from disk
each time we process a request.
Remove unused handlers
Fix drag and drop alignment bug

When you pan the screen, the game object hitboxes didn't move with the ojects.
This is now fixed.
Right click to pan
Add pan and zoom variabes
Abstract game object information into GameObject class
Add generic pieces

Update the game object classes to makegeneric pieces workable
Redo main.ts to allow dragging and dropping of generic pieces
Add size parameters to game pieces
Render table contents from an array
Add type checking to `make ts`

Esbuid by default has no typechecking, so it's necessary to run tsc first to
ensure valid code before transpiling. -noEmit stops tsc from actually
outputting any files.
Ignore js source maps
Add sourcemaps and minify js
Add a cass for stacks of game pieces
Add a class for pieces
Merge branch 'typescript'