implement environment variable configuration

pcf is now configured with an environment variable PCFSERVER. I updated
to readme and man page to explain how to use this variable.
remove config for stdin_name

Having this configurable in the first place was silly since the file is
renamed as soon as it's uploaded. There's literally no point in ever
changing this.
exit on error when failing to read file

This patch makes pcf exit with a 1 if it fails to read any input. It was
already printing an error message so this makes sense.
increment version, update dependencies
pass base name instead of full path when storing file

This closes issue #2
Previously the full path was passed when uploading a file over ftp,
which on several ftp servers, caused the file to be rejeced. This patch
causes the file to use the base name instead.
add issue tracker and mailing list to readme
remove unused max variable
Change placeholder manpage into functional manpage
bump version to 1.0.0
remove testing print of hash
increase timeout to 10 seconds + bump dependencies
implement hashing and printing the correct url
split library implementation into seperate functions

This patch splits the initial library implementation into seperate
functions and now passes the file data instead of a test string.
initial ftp library implementation

This patch imports a fairly solid go ftp library and implements some
basic connection and testing.
implement file reading from args or stdin
add copyright info
add initial go placeholders

Add gitignore, GPL3 License, Makefile and Config, Readme, go.mod and
main.go, and scd man page source. These are all just stubs and currently
the program only prints hello world.