A simple command line sha1/FTP-based pastbin client.
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


A simple command line sha1/FTP-based pastebin client. Reads file(s) from STDIN or filename as argument, uploads file(s) to a server, and prints the url(s) to STDOUT.

The PCFSERVER environment variable is used to declare server information. An example in your shellrc would be export PCFSERVER='https://paste.example.com:21/incoming'. The port and path are optional and will depend on how the pcf server you're using is configured.

Checkout paste.nilsu.org for a free public pcf server. You can also create your own pcf server with incron, (anonymous) ftpd, and a script to move and rename the file to it's SHA1.extension. Here's the script used on paste.nilsu.org.


GPL3+ see LICENSE in this repo for more details.


Build dependencies

  • golang
  • make
  • sed
  • scdoc

make all


Optionally configure config.mk to specify a different install location. Defaults to /usr/local/

sudo make install


sudo make uninstall


Send patches and questions to ~kota/pcf@lists.sr.ht.

Bugs & todo here: ~kota/pcf