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ref: c20d9ecfce83c5ccb1f2e36ead7ba1839b15303a paste.cf/index.html -rw-r--r-- 8.9 KiB
clean up wording in readme
change lightmode link color again and add underline back
fix font, center headings, and bold the code
change light mode colors
switch dark mode background to be darker
update dark mode link color
fix missing semi-colon
add mobile viewport

This fixes rendering on firefox mobile and maybe other mobile browsers.
update link color to have better contrast
remove highlight.js and slim down index
548fb385 — Dakota Walsh 2 years ago
fix pre code closing tags

They were backwards. It wasn't causing the page to render wrong, but was
still improper html.
27d7fc2a — Dakota Walsh 2 years ago
fix head language and indentations

The head section needed an indent. Also the character set and language
was not defined.
1f4fddce — Dakota Walsh 2 years ago
improve the contrast slightly

The text color was #444 which was a bit too grey. This updates it to a
soothing, but more readable #333
0bd1a5b3 — Dakota Walsh 2 years ago
fix a typo

Elsewhere was spelled incorrectly near the end of the Privacy and
Permanency section
e4735d00 — Dakota Walsh 2 years ago
cleanup highlight.js directory

The highlight folder had an extra css file and generally could be
improved by having the main css file be moved out of its own directory
and named something simple like highlight.css
4652129d — Dakota Walsh 2 years ago
fixed a typo

the you changed to then you
afa144f9 — Dakota Walsh 2 years ago
fix scrot command

In index.html there is an example command with scrot. The command was
kinda weird. This fixes that.
8bbea694 — Dakota Walsh 2 years ago
add pcf client

I wrote a client that can be used to upload files and return the url.
In addition to obviously adding the client this patch updates index.html
to talk about the client and remove.py to ignore the new file.
c3b80245 — Dakota Walsh 2 years ago
fixes privacy and permanency header size

The header was an h1 and should have been an h2. This fixes that.