fix screenshot image
bump version

I removed some useless code and fixed a bug where the man5 directory
wasn't being created by make install if it was missing.
remove unused constants

These constants were leftover from the old config file reading system.
remove unused xdg function

This function was a left over from the old configuration scheme.
Fix bug where man5 directory was not created if missing
bump version

The new urgency feature was added and this calls for a version bump.
implement urgency

I've added an urgency key to the config file, updated the program to
parse for and use that value, and updated the man page accordingly.
remove ability to pass in arguments

Passing in arguments was glitchy and added a lot of useless code now
that the config files are read from STDIN. This also updates the man
update man page to explain STDIN use
allow for reading from stdin

This commit allows for passing a config file directly via STDIN. I also
removed some dead code and fixed the related variable names.
add notabar.5 to gitignore
remove todo file
add mailing list and todo to readme
remove dead code
allow loading different config files

This commit allows the notabar command to read different named config
files. Additionally I've updated the readme and man pages to properly
describe the command and the config file syntax.
add config processing and command execution

This patch brings the program to its first fully working test version.
It now can read the default config file correctly, run the external
commands, concatenate their results to a string and finally display it
as a notification. The TODO list has been updated with the things to
work on next.