New package: glfw-wayland-minecraft-3.4.0
New package: thesaurus-1.0.0
senpai: update to 0.1.0.
New package: raccoon-1.0.0
light: rename to light-kota

This won't automatically transition old package installs to this new
one, but I'm pretty sure only Matthew and I have this installed anyway.
The name `light` conflicts with some other tool so I've just renamed it
to light-kota. The binary name remains `light`.
senpai: update to 0.0.20220802.
light: fix permissions
nnn-select: update to 1.0.0.
New package: nnn-select-0.1.0
New package: hare-raylib-0.0.20220723
New package: raylib-4.0.0
Upstream updates to common build scripts
New package: dmenu-kota-5.0
senpai: update to 0.0.20220722.
qbe: update to 1.0
difftastic: update to 0.29.1.
hare: update to 0.0.20220611
harec: update to 0.0.20220611
qbe: update to 0.0.20220614
hare: update to 0.0.20220528