25ad6c9d10f328d5c25bc635e6e448db7567ccf1 — Michal Vasilek 7 months ago 72d170e
xbps-src: make -E ignore remote repositories with -N
2 files changed, 10 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M common/xbps-src/shutils/common.sh
M xbps-src
M common/xbps-src/shutils/common.sh => common/xbps-src/shutils/common.sh +9 -1
@@ 472,7 472,15 @@ setup_pkg() {
    if [ -n "$XBPS_BINPKG_EXISTS" ]; then
        local _binpkgver="$($XBPS_QUERY_XCMD -R -ppkgver $pkgver 2>/dev/null)"
        local extraflags=""
        if [ -n "$XBPS_SKIP_REMOTEREPOS" ]; then
            # filter out remote repositories
            for repo in $(xbps-query -L | awk '{ print $2 }' | grep '^/host/'); do
                extraflags+=" --repository=$repo"
        local _binpkgver="$($XBPS_QUERY_XCMD -R -ppkgver $pkgver $extraflags 2>/dev/null)"
        if [ "$_binpkgver" = "$pkgver" ]; then
            if [ -z "$XBPS_DEPENDENCY" ]; then
                local _repo="$($XBPS_QUERY_XCMD -R -prepository $pkgver 2>/dev/null)"

M xbps-src => xbps-src +1 -1
@@ 157,7 157,7 @@ $(print_cross_targets)
-C  Do not remove build directory, automatic dependencies and
    package destdir after successful install.

-E  If a binary package exists in a local repository for the target package,
-E  If a binary package exists in a repository for the target package,
    do not try to build it, exit immediately.

-f  Force running the specified stage (configure/build/install/pkg)