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#metweather builds.sr.ht status

Display weather information from Metservice. Uses the metservice-go library.


metweather [command] [flags]

GLOBAL flags
      --config string     config file (default is $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/.metweather.yaml)
  -h, --help              help for metweather
  -v, --version           version for metweather
  -l, --location string   location used for the weather observation/forecast

  observation: display current or past weather observations
  forecast: display weather predictions for the current day or next serveral days

#Config Example

location: Dunedin

alternatively you can set an environment variable METWEATHER_LOCATION="Dunedin"


Install the dependencies:

  • go (>=1.13)
  • scdoc

Edit config.mk to your desired install path.

Then compile and install:

# sudo make install


Discussion and patches can be found here.