Change 405 to http.StatusMethodNotAllowed

It's a good habit to use these constants instead of trying to remember
all the http status codes (or having to look them up...)
Add info and error loggers

This is done by creating "granola" type which we can use for any
information we need on all our handlers. This is generally the preferred
idiom over using globals in go.
Add addr flag
Create css directory if missing

The sassc command fails to create the output directory if missing. When
you clone the repo freshly it will not have that directory yet.
Update run instructions on readme
Switch to sassc

DO NOT TRY USING THE OTHER SASS VERSIONS! We spent like a fuckin hour
trying to get the dart or js or whatever version working. IT DID NOT!
The sassc one is fine even though it'll never be updated or whatever.

If for some reason it's not fine maybe use this?
9ff73b69 — Matthew Eisenstein 3 months ago
Remove empty lines in rendered html
Slam the templates

I've just unindented them. That's all.
8d31870c — Matthew Eisenstein 3 months ago
Cancel request on wrong request type
122e8bb7 — Matthew Eisenstein 3 months ago
Add alt text to logo
b23c1e59 — Matthew Eisenstein 3 months ago
Simplify logo

Also make it opaque
cacdade2 — Matthew Eisenstein 3 months ago
Add a logo
Add templating

I've added a few templates to get us started and created a static folder
for serving static assets like images and css. We may want to switch to
sass soon. To do so we'll want to create a Makefile and have sass
transpile and store our css on each build.
Refactor handlers out of main

I've moved the handlers into a separate file and placed both files under
./cmd/granola/ to begin forming a pretty standard go project layout.
I've also updated the README and gitignore accordingly.
3a68ad0f — Matthew Eisenstein 3 months ago
Add routes document
use h2 for license
remove backslash
add .gitignore