Print values from .desktop files



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Print specified values from desktop files to stdout.

Look, it’s hard to describe okay? Here’s a picture of me using it with dmenu.


My launcher script pipes the output of dprint into dmenu to get a selection. Then it passes that selection into dprint – with some options – and then the output of that gets executed by your shell (to launch the program).

SELECTION=$(dprint -p | dmenu -i -l 8 "$@")
echo "Name:$SELECTION" | dprint -p -i - -o "StripExec" | ${SHELL:-"/bin/sh"} &

I wrote dprint because the default dmenu_run script just lists all the programs in your $PATH exactly as they’re named. There’s no easy way to rename them or tweak launch options. For example, that “calculator” program in the screenshot runs st -t st-float -g 76x30 -e python, and I renamed “ncmpcpp” to just “music.”


dprint [-v] [-p] [-d path] [-i key:val] [-o key]

-v: Prints the version and exits.

-p: Keep track of desktop file popularity each time an Exec or StripExec is selected as output. Additionally, output is sorted by popularity when using this option.

-d path: Look for desktop files in provided path.

-i key:val: Filter desktop files with a specific key:value pair.

-o key: Output the value associated with a specific key for each selected desktop file.


Install the dependencies:

  • go (>=1.13)
  • scdoc

Then compile dprint:

$ make


# make install


GPL3 - See License for details.

Copyright 2021 Dakota Walsh


dprint uses a public mailing list for contributions and discussion. You can browse the list here and email patches or questions to ~kota/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht.

If you're reporting an bug/feature request our issue tracker is here: ~kota/dprint