add myself to license
remove color font block
add newlines before commands in readme
add xresources patch
update readme explaining patches
add dmenu_dprint to Makefile
replace default colors

These are the colors I like.
add dprint launch helper script
replace useless -b option with -F

The -F option from the fuzzy patch was undocumented. It simply disables
fuzzy matching. The -b option is no longer used since the window is
centered instead of being at the top of the screen. It had no effect.
implement window centering

This is a custom centering patch. The centering patch on the suckless
website is extremely slow when reading large files as it needs to read
all items, then loop though and determine the string lengths before
displaying a window. This patch centers the window, but the width must
be manually preset with the `-z` flag.
initial commit of dmenu 5.0