Swap RGB or HEX color codes.
add support for rgba, vec3, and vec4
use optional variables in Makefile
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Finds color codes from STDIN and replaces them with a new format:

$ echo 'rgb(155,112,255)' | colorswap -hex

You can pass in a huge file intermingled with text, code, and colors. The output (and detectable input) formats are:

hex:  #9b70ff
rgb:  rgb(155,112,255)
rgba: rgba(155,112,255,128)
vec3: vec3(0.607843,0.439216,1.000000)
vec4: vec4(0.607843,0.439216,0.500000)

Capitalization doesn't matter for hex inputs, and the shorthand form #EEE is accepted. For the other formats, spaces are accepted after the commas and you can use less precision in your vecs.


make all
sudo make install


sudo make uninstall


Written and maintained by Dakota Walsh.
Up-to-date sources can be found at https://git.sr.ht/~kota/colorswap/.


Copyright 2023 Dakota Walsh
GNU GPL version 3 or later, see LICENSE.