Kota's little TUI calendar program 🗓️
use NoteDir instead of NotePath
fix preview scroll direction
fix preview being re-enabled when changing selection



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A TUI version of the classic cal program. calendar screenshot


Using the arrow keys, hjkl, or the mouse you can navigate around the calendar. Pressing tab will switch your focus to the preview window so you scroll it up and down. Pressing enter will open the selected day's note in your editor. There are a few other keys for things like copying the selected date to the clipboard. Pressing ? will show a simple help menu or see calendar(1) for more details.


The program expands to use as much terminal space as you provide. More vertical space allows calendar to show the previous and next months stacked on top of each other in a lighter grey color (configurable). The current day is shown in green (also configurable).

If your terminal is wide enough you will see a preview window next to the month widget(s) with the selected day's note. You can configure a path to store these notes and press enter to open them in your favorite editor.

#Build and Install

A Makefile is provided for easy installation. You can use it to tweak the install path and compiler flags. If you know of a distrobution package get in touch and I will add a note here.

sudo make install


I've written this tool to be fairly configurable. Padding, colors, controls, path to your notes and of course your editor can all be configured in XDG_CONFIG_HOME/calendar/config.toml. Normally, on unix systems that would be $HOME/.config/config.toml. This repository contains an example config.toml showing every option with detailed explanatory comments. Additionally, every option is detailed in man 5 calendar-config.


#Hot Reload

Sadly, entr doesn't seem to work with tui programs. So, I've been needing to do this insane hack of having it spawn a terminal window running go run . which works better than you might expect, but is still kind of annoying:

autostash alias rp='fd -e go | entr -r alacritty --class "Alacritty-entr,Alacritty-entr" -o window.position.x=1380 -o window.position.y=82 -e go run .'


Since calendar is an interactive TUI program we can't just log things to the terminal. Instead, export DEBUG=1, add some log.Println statements, and tail -f debug.log when you're running calendar to see your logs.


Written and maintained by Dakota Walsh. Up-to-date sources can be found at https://git.sr.ht/~kota/calendar/


See CONTRIBUTING.md for some tips! This project is hosted on sourcehut and uses an email based workflow.

You can just send your patches, questions, or anything else to my public inbox. If you have issues figuring it out no worries, I'm happy to help out! If you're not sure if your patch is quite right, send it anyway and I can help clean it up.


GNU GPL version 3 only, see LICENSE.