Print battery percentage. Maybe it'll work, maybe it wont!


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battery [charge_suffix] [decharge_suffix] [concat?]

The battery tool is meant to read battery charge percent and status and print to STDOUT.

Different amounts of options change how the program works. A single option + for example will make the program print the option back to you if your battery is charging. It will print nothing if it is not charging. If you instead want it to print something when it is discharging, add another option. So, battery + - will print a + when charging or a - when discharging.

Finally, to have the battery percent and charging status concatenated together add a third option. battery + - = will print your battery charge percent and the corresponding symbol for its charging status.


See LICENSE in the root of this repo file for copyright and license details.


Build dependencies

  • golang
  • make

make all


Optionally configure config.mk to specify a different install location.
Defaults to /usr/local/

sudo make install


sudo make uninstall