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#Aotearoa Tides

An app that displays tidal data using the official LINZ tide predictions. Try it out on the google play store. or grab one of the manual apk downloads attached to each release.


Uploading to the Google Play store requires a privacy policy. You can view the current version in PRIVACY.md in this repository.


Aotearoa Tides is written in Flutter which is a cross platform library for developing native Android or iOS apps. Currently, the app is only tested on Android. To build it yourself install flutter, and the android development toolchain. You can use flutter doctor to ensure your install is working properly.

Finally: flutter build apk


Aotearoa Tides uses a public mailing list for contributions and discussion. You can browse the list here and email patches or questions to ~kota/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht. The project is licensed under the GPL3-or-later and contributions are welcome!