b266bf6f — Omar Polo 2 years ago master
sort the tags for the refs page
consistent whitespaces in README
3e4cb0ce — Omar Polo 2 years ago
allow limiting the maximum number of commits to export
8bbd1dc8 — Omar Polo 2 years ago
update deps
b9751331 — Omar Polo 3 years ago
add a gitignore
203f4544 — Omar Polo 3 years ago
update mimetype to 1.3.1 + go mod tidy

mimetype 1.3.1 fixes an error introduced with v1.2.0 where EOF was
returned for empty readers.  This caused errors for text/gemini files.
6af184b7 — Omar Polo 3 years ago
add an alt text for the git clone command
add TODO section to README
279d605b — Omar Polo 3 years ago
handle annotated tags too

Git has two types of pointers: annotated and lightweight ones.  gmnigit
was only handling lightweight ones (they are bare pointers to commits,
just like git branches).  This improve the tag support to handle
annotated tags too, which are pointers to full git objects with various
information, among which a pointer to the commit.
update README.md, mention -refs flag
f5c1f8b9 — Omar Polo 3 years ago
The following patch creates an additional file in /refs/index.gmi with
the list of the tags and links to the relevant commit.  It follows the
companion specification for subscriptions, so users can easily subscribe
to that page to know when a release is tagged.

Please note that if a tag points to a commit that isn't reachable from
any branch, the link won't work.  This can happen if one created a
branch off a tag, done some work, tagged a new version and deleted the
specify url by command line argument
optional show files permissions in tree
use command line flags
add documentation
create index.gmi after transforming all files
better tree display (rename all text files to .txt)