Theme for Zola, forked from github:syedzayyan/shadharon
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#Tiskifer Theme

Originaly forked from Shadharon.

Dark theme


Light theme



  • [X] Themes (light, dark). Default theme is dark with a switcher in the navbar
  • [X] Projects page
  • [x] Social Links
  • [x] Tags


  1. Initialize Git Repo if not initialized

  2. Download the theme

git submodule add https://git.sr.ht/~koehr/tiskifer-theme themes/tiskifer
  1. Add theme = "tiskifer" to your config.toml

  2. Copy the example content

cp -R themes/tiskifer/content/. content


  1. For customization refer to config.toml files, which has comments.

  2. For customizing the banner on the homepage the content/posts/_index.md needs modification. The desc variable under extra, specifically. You could delete this as well to remove banner. For an about page or any aditional page an .md file in the "content" directory will do.

You can add stylesheets to override the theme:

stylesheets = [

These filenames are relative to the root of the site. In this example, the two CSS files would be in the static folder.


This theme is a fork of Shadharon

which originally takes inspiration from