better defaults for feh
updates kakoune config
adds bitwarden-rofi shortcut
adds weather info to tmux status
remove fance du and df replacements and not working kakoune wiki
added rgba coloured selections
Inspired from https://github.com/caksoylar/kakoune-mysticaltutor
adds QMK configuration
config updates
update prompt info
kakoune plugin for svelte
update dwm config
update aliases
colours and general desktop configuration
a picom config that I dont use
try to fix window manager problems
use lsd as ls drop-in
updated tmux.conf
back to the roots (aka X11 and DWM)
a8733af3 — koehr 2 years ago
new selfmade kakoune colourscheme
310bd307 — koehr 2 years ago
updates kakoune config to use plug.kak