Berlin, Germany


Programmer, OpenSource enthusiast and hacker based in Berlin, Germany.


An exclusive members-only club for web pages weighing no more than 250kb. Inspired by Bredley Taunts 1MB.club


A simple online wheel of fortune, that can be used for raffles or similar


The Remote Roast Club, a coffee enthusiast page by a coffee enthusiast.


Dan Tiskifer Homepage


A blocky, side-scrolling game experiment made with Vuejs


Donatello, like Raphaƫl, but for the modern web


Theme for Zola, forked from github:syedzayyan/shadharon


interactive 3D Spherical Map of surrounding stars


dotfiles and other config files


my homepage


simple URL shortener


NANOBE aint no ordinary blog engine


isometric action rpg style dungeon crawler


Bitwarden userscript for Qutebrowser


offline-first blogging?

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