Berlin, Germany


Programmer, OpenSource enthusiast and hacker based in Berlin, Germany.


An exclusive members-only club for web pages weighing no more than 250kb. Inspired by Bredley Taunts 1MB.club


dotfiles and other config files


my homepage


simple URL shortener


NANOBE aint no ordinary blog engine


The Remote Roast Club, a coffee enthusiast page by a coffee enthusiast.


isometric action rpg style dungeon crawler


A blocky, side-scrolling game experiment made with Vuejs


Bitwarden userscript for Qutebrowser


offline-first blogging?


crazy lightweight Vuejs Date and Time picker component


Catmull-Rom Spline to Bezier Spline Converter


theme for my Known based blog


central repository of articles I've written


Look through all the logfiles and count occurences of specific strings (or regular expression matches)

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