DarkThought - a fork of the DeepThought zola theme with a default dark theme and analytics removed.
Fix word-wrap issue and some dark theme issues
Remove text justify rules so it just aligns left
Remove public folder


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


This theme is a fork of DeepThought with analytics, mapbox, and comments removed + a default dark theme. It has support for any font awesome icon which you can set in the config. On top of that, you can provide a different font awesome kit URL for more customizations. It also adds some more room for text in posts.

A simple blog theme focused on writing powered by Bulma and Zola.



Get Zola and/or follow their guide on installing a theme. Make sure to add theme = "DarkThought" to your config.toml

#Check zola version (only 0.9.0+)

Just to double-check to make sure you have the right version. It is not supported to use this theme with a version under 0.9.0.

#How to serve

go into your sites directory, and type zola serve. You should see your new site at localhost:1111.

#Deployment to Github Pages or Netlify

Zola already has great documentation for deploying to Netlify or Github Pages. I won't bore you with a regurgitated explanation.

#Theme Options
# Social link customizations
fa_url = "https://kit.fontawesome.com/201b8d5e05.js"
social_links = [
	{ url = "https://github.com/kedodrill", icon = { style = "fab", name = "github" } }

# Add links to favicon
favicon_16x16 = "/icons/favicon-16x16.png"
favicon_32x32 = "/icons/favicon-32x32.png"
apple_touch_icon = "/icons/apple-touch-icon.png"
safari_pinned_tab = "/icons/safari-pinned-tab.svg"
webmanifest = "/icons/site.webmanifest"

# Author details
name = "DarkThought"
avatar = "/images/avatar.png"


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