Move back to vim from neovim

* treesitter is simply too slow and it breaks indentations in PHP. tired
  of it.
* use default colorschemes everywhere
* update pipewire to default void config
Replace mailctl with oama
Update nvim with php-enhanced-treesitter

* use main branch so it works
Update neovim with 0.10.0 changes
Use composer.json php version for php lsp

* update neovim
* don't float Steam in sway
Update neovim

* added some new small packages
* updated mapping commands so lazy can be lazier
Fix chafa, update nvim

* add autopairs nvim package
* add wgetrc file for xdg
Don't load phan if no .phan folder
some updates + shortcut script
use nvim-fzf

* remove old vim funcs as they are confusing to edit and re-use. Use
  nvim-fzf plugin for lua fzf api
* use oil fm and disable netrw
* use tpope.io links instead of github
Update neovim

* moved user defined funcs to own file
* allow config files in project dirs
move to using bare repo