Scientific writing with Djot
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#djoc - the djot document compiler

djoc is a command-line tool that allows you to write documents in the markup language Djot and build them into a PDF or an HTML page.

djoc aims to simplify the process of document preparation by providing a modern and user-friendly alternative to traditional TeX distributions. While TeX will always hold a special place in the world of academic writing, its archaic syntax and steep learning curve can be intimidating for many users. djoc aims to change that by utilizing a simpler and more intuitive markup language, and handling the complexity of TeX under the hood.


  • Write documents in Djot, a markup language similar to Markdown with improvements such as TeX math, attributes and citations.
  • Output documents as PDF, HTML, or LaTeX.
  • Compile documents from a single file, or manage a project with multiple files.
  • No need for external dependencies, as Tectonic (a TeX distribution) is fully embedded and any packages are downloaded and installed as needed.