The infrastructure and services powering my domain
terraform: Track Gandi domains in state again finally.
www: Add some imagery to /uses.
www/uses: Finally update this page now that I have been on land for months and changed the setup a lot.


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#klardotsh's infrastructure

Yes, I'm aware that the URL of the canonical copy of this repo, https://git.klar.sh/klardotsh/klar.sh, is comically redundant...

This repository is a monorepo containing basically everything that publicly exists at my domain klar.sh, including Terraform-driven DNS records, and docker-compose-based service definitions.

A simple Makefile is included which (assuming an envfile has previously been sourced) spins up all the Docker services and ensures Gandi agrees with the state of DNS. By side effect, it also serves as a bit of a dynamic DNS solution, as it requests my server's WAN address at the apply stage.

This repo is released under the Creative Commons Zero 1.0 Universal license, as close to public domain as is legally possible worldwide.

This repo currently depends on terraform-provider-gandi@891e660c01d18cb458ccdef5ac02d192c61020a3, and will not work with newer versions. Beyond that, the provider seems to have been removed from the Terraform plugins registry (at least under the name this repo expected), so building from source is currently the only option.