an Emacs theme based on a Vim theme based on old Borland DOS IDEs
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This is an Emacs theme based on Vim theme a modernized version of the blue- background color scheme used by the old Borland IDEs from the early 1990's. It also kinda looks like some of my favorite Microsoft tools, like QuickBASIC.

This work is wholly based on vim-colors-modern-borland, which is copyright 2016-2019 Torben Haase <https://pixelsvsbytes.com>. The theme was translated to an Emacs theme by the excellent vimco.

From the original README for the Vim theme:

The Modern Borland colorscheme for Vim is a tribute to the classic IDE developed by Borland International Inc. in the early 1990'ties. It mimics the look of the interface and the syntax highlighting. Modern Borland is not related to the Borland colorscheme that often ships with vim.