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This is a collection of small utility code I've written in Go; the cmd/ directory has a number of command-line utilities. Rather than keep all of these in superfluous repositories of their own, I'm putting them here.


ahash/          Provides hashes from string algorithm specifiers.
assert/         Error handling, assertion-style.
    atping/     Automated TCP ping, meant for putting in cronjobs.
    certchain/  Display the certificate chain from a
                TLS connection.
    certdump/   Dump certificate information.
    certexpiry/ Print a list of certificate subjects and expiry times
                or warn about certificates expiring within a certain
    certverify/ Verify a TLS X.509 certificate, optionally printing
                the time to expiry and checking for revocations.
    clustersh/  Run commands or transfer files across multiple
                servers via SSH.
    cruntar/    Untar an archive with hard links, copying instead of
    csrpubdump/ Dump the public key from an X.509 certificate request.
    fragment/   Print a fragment of a file.
    jlp/        JSON linter/prettifier.
    kgz/        Custom gzip compressor / decompressor that handles 99%
                of my use cases.
    pem2bin/    Dump the binary body of a PEM-encoded block.
    pembody/    Print the body of a PEM certificate.
    pemit/      Dump data to a PEM file.
    showimp/    List the external (e.g. non-stdlib and outside the
                current working directory) imports for a Go file.
    readchain/  Print the common name for the certificates
                in a bundle.
    renfnv/     Rename a file to base32-encoded 64-bit FNV-1a hash.
    rhash/      Compute the digest of remote files.
    showimp     Display the external imports in a package.
    ski         Display the SKI for PEM-encoded TLS material.
    stealchain/ Dump the verified chain from a TLS
    subjhash/   Print or match subject info from a certificate.
    tlskeypair/ Check whether a TLS certificate and key file match.
    utc/        Convert times to UTC.
    yamll/      A small YAML linter.
die/            Death of a program.
fileutil/       Common file functions.
lib/            Commonly-useful functions for writing Go programs.
logging/        A logging library.
mwc/            MultiwriteCloser implementation.
sbuf/           A byte buffer that can be wiped.
tee/            Emulate tee(1)'s functionality in io.Writers.
testio/         Various I/O utilities useful during testing.
testutil/       Various utility functions useful during testing.

Each program should have a small README in the directory with more information.

All code here is licensed under the MIT license.