fix autoload error if evil wasn't loaded before
Just pass the list of keys to completing-read
fix: prescient does not want symbol keys, convert them to strings
yasearch-mode binding never worked, remove it

just bind gb in motion state to yasearch-operator manually
Fix yasearch-mode-map not properly defined

evil-define-key doesn't work when used to modify a lexical variable.

The problematic code looks like this:

;; I copied this pattern from evil-commentary; this works there because
;; it doesn't use lexical-binding.
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
  (evil-define-key 'normal map "gb" 'yasearch-operator)

With dynamic binding, it returns (with characters rewritten in human
readable form):

 (normal-state keymap "Auxiliary keymap for Normal state"
               (?g keymap
                   (?b . yasearch-operator))))

With lexical binding, it returns:


ie. (evil-define-key ...) has no effect.


- It uses evil-delay, which takes quoted sexps as code. I don't think
  its argument forms can see lexical variables outside.
- with (evil-define-key 'normal map ...), it generates (boundp 'map).
  boundp only works for non-lexical variables.
add a new variable for setting browser specifically for yasearch
add evil operator
Move to sr.ht
give up on trying to support evil without pulling it in as dependency
try to move evil support into a with-eval-after-load form
don't require yasearch-evil from main file
don't autoload yasearch-evil
add yasearch-evil explanation in README.md
fix yasearch-evil not actually working
fix circular dependency
add an evil motion
move engine-asking to its own function
force query with prefix arg
fix unix test