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collection dedupe function
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M yabookmark.el
M yabookmark.el => yabookmark.el +12 -0
@@ 56,13 56,25 @@
 (cl-defstruct yabookmark-bookmark
   name path position)
+(defun yabookmark-bookmark-equal-p (b1 b2)
+  "Are bookmarks B1 and B2 equal to each other?
+Bookmarks with the same name but different paths are considered
+  (and (equal (yabookmark-bookmark-position b1)
+              (yabookmark-bookmark-position b2))
+       (equal (yabookmark-bookmark-name b1)
+              (yabookmark-bookmark-name b2))))
 ;; data type: a collection of bookmarks
 (defun yabookmark-collection (&rest bookmarks)
   "Return a collection of BOOKMARKS."
+(defun yabookmark-collection-dedupe (collection)
+  "Remove duplicate bookmarks in COLLECTION."
+  (cl-remove-duplicates collection :test #'yabookmark-bookmark-equal-p))
 ;;;; Working with bookmarks & bookmark lists
 (defun yabookmark-set (bookmark collection)