Emit SGR-styled mouse reporting if possible

The mouse works even in columns beyond 223. This option is backward
compatible with "xterm2" because it can also decode "xterm2" style mouse

See :help ttymouse
Install vim-interestingwords.vim
Install support for KDL
Replace xolox/vim-notes with a single command
Do not auto-format on saving Python files

This is a great idea in Go and apparently a terrible one in Python.
Install teppey/popdef and map it to <leader>d
Upgrade vim-plug and make it work with neovim
Use easier mapping to copy and paste under Wayland
Indent lua code with two spaces
Replace ctrlp with fzf
Set textwidth=79 in markdown files
Enable go popups and remove outdated overrides
Remap <leader>g to :Git

vim-fugitive deprecates :Gstatus in favor of :Git without arguments.