32967ca24ad82891f3fd800dcbc16ef262d8c65e — Kiril Vladimirov 5 months ago 8006682 master
Use non-colliding mapping for wl-paste

How did I manage to override mapping defined _in the same file_ merely a
few lines above, without noticing for way more than a year?
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M startup/mappings.vim
M startup/mappings.vim => startup/mappings.vim +1 -1
@@ 132,7 132,7 @@ if exists('$WAYLAND_DISPLAY')
    xnoremap <leader>y y:call system("wl-copy", @")<cr>
  if executable('wl-paste')
    nnoremap <leader>p :let @"=substitute(system("wl-paste --no-newline"), '<C-v><C-m>', '', 'g')<cr>p
    nnoremap <leader>P :let @"=substitute(system("wl-paste --no-newline"), '<C-v><C-m>', '', 'g')<cr>p