mail: rm -rf

mutt is great and I really wanted to keep reading mails from the
terminal. However, the rest of the world does not agree. Most of the
emails I receive are with rich content and lacking or incomplete plain
version, and I'm not taking part of a project where receiving pull
requests over email is a thing, anyways.

KMail is what I use nowadays, but the configuration there involves
akonadi and storing stuff in relational database.
mercurial: mv hgrc hg/rc
x11: rm -rf

Not running my desktop environment under X11 for years now.
konsole: use Fire Code Retina
bin/git-delete-merged: steal from Rado Stankov

See: https://blog.rstankov.com/git-tricks/
gitconfig: steal aliases from Rado Stankov

See: https://blog.rstankov.com/git-tricks/
bin/git-rebase-on: always go back to the source branch
gitconfig: ditch gpg and add some aliases
zsh: use starship if available
bash: reuse as much as possible from ./sh

Spent the last year or so using bash as my shell. I would've probably
stayed here for good, given that bash is still to be considered as
default, if it had proper right prompt support.

There is a flaky emulation of such in this config, but it tends to annoy
me often enough for me to ditch it.
sh: commit variables I've been using for some time
sh: generage environment.d config from sh/environment
sh: remove useless systemd aliases

Those has been symlinked on all distributions for ages.
sh: trim newlines when copying
sh: add myip alias

It calls https://zx2c4.com/ip which is managed by Jason A. Donenfeld.

See https://www.wireguard.com/quickstart/
bash: source user-dirs, colors and rc from profile
bash: remove outdated completion_scripts
sh: sprinkle perl envs around here
sh: add local MANPATH
sh: remove useless ensure_ssh