README.md: Remove hard-coded remote
zsh: Move user@host to left-prompt
systemd: replace offlineimap with mbsync
konsole: add profile and colorscheme
[tmux] Remove fancy tab brackets
[tmux] Include the nord repo in tree
[sh] Add '-covermode=count' to go-web-coverage
[sh] Add alias for generating QR codes
[tmux] Swap split mapping

Apparently tmux understands horizontal and vertical not quite like the
rest of the world sees them...
[sh] Detect current shell properly

Otherwise starting a bash from zsh (when zsh is default), for instance,
causes some fair amount of errors, due to the stale value of $SHELL.
[tmux] Use s and v for splits
[tmux] Copy with wl-copy
[tmux] Remove unused tmux env script
[sh] Remove unused funcs and satisfy shellcheck
[sh] Remove obsolete environment variables
[x11] Remove touchscreen gestures configuration
[tags] rm

Those generated tags for Go were not only outdated but also unnecessary
due to support for Go has been added in ctags for some time now.
[git] Add rebase-on-master command
[git] Improve git pull-request a bit

Allow passing optional parameters to the push command, show verbose
output and make sure to not blindly open just any printed URL. Instead
catch only those returned by the remote.
[ranger] rm

It's a really cool tool, but I have not used it literally for years.