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Build Status


See: Design


Not just yet...


Eventually, Clones will be installable through Quicklisp.

For now, you may clone this repo into ~/quicklisp/local-projects. Then run (ql:quickload :clones) and you should be ready to go!


Clones is tested with Prove. Install clones and then run (asdf:test-system :clones).

If running tests in SLIME, you may want to disable color support since SLIME doesn't support ANSI color codes.

(ql:quickload :clones-test)
(let ((prove:*enable-colors* nil)) (asdf:test-system :clones))

There is also a helper for running individual test files.

(ql:quickload :clones-test)
(clones-test.helpers:run-file "cpu")


Copyright (c) 2018 Brit Butler (brit@kingcons.io)


Licensed under the LLGPL License.