shift level data w/ arr keys
meson: increment version number
feature: rectangle fill
add build manifest
9c663c8d — Lephe 2 years ago
meson: add explicit dependencies to -ldl and -lm

The link command might work without them when they're implicitly linked
from the glibc, but this it clearly not the case on all systems.
9f4731f2 — Lephe 2 years ago

Required as per mmap(2).
fix: remove duplicate 'src/main.c' instance in meson.build
replace cmake with meson & use C99 instead of C89

This commit also takes care of all the warnings that didn't appear
with CMake. I decided to switch to C99 cause my code clearly wasn't
C89 compliant.
feature: window resizing (#1)
include/conf.h: use less specific values
Feature: middle click in editor to pick a tile

Updated the README in consequence.
fix: variable array length in C90, code wouldn't compile
Tile first config option (-tile-first)
Flags for background color configuration
config: background color options for editor and picker
fix: level rendering was broken with rectangle tilesets
Level creation flag & cleanup and improved README
editing_area/level.c: Specify char signes
Fix very bad casting mistake & dummy verbose mode
fix: level drawing was broken