replace rectangles drawing with tileset
rewrite CMakeLists.txt
upgrade to gint 2.4
clang-format config added and applied
Update README.

Filled with informations about the project, build instructions and
Black borders.

The project should now be a 1:1 reproduction of the PC game, nice!
Replicated collision bug from the original codebase.

This was achieved for complete "feature parity".
Keys left bugfix and manual restart added.
Y draw offset is now set manually.

Using tan and →, the player can now move the view.
Updated CMakeLists.txt.

Changed names: PainSuccess in add-in menu, PainfullSuccess.g3a for G3A file.
Add custom menu icons.
Dynamic Y draw offset depending on player position.
Round function which actually work.

I'm so stupid x(
Thanks Lephé.
Bugfixes + bugfixes that do not fix the bugs.
Continued player code, need fix the weird physics.
CMake now handles src/gen_levels.c. Changed project name.
A round function that does it's job.

Looks good but codewise but probably has terrible performance, we'll
see how this goes.
Player code progress.

Me stupid.