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#The Keyboard

The MNT Reform keyboard is also available as a standalone device, albeit without an integrated pointing device. As such it makes sense to adopt it as a primary input device; this also helps the user adjust to the unique keymap, which is constrained to smaller keycap sizes and is not related to ANSI or ISO layouts.

I (khm) personally had trouble adjusting to the narrower right-shift key; I squarely landed my finger upon the up-arrow key without fail. I found the solution at MK Ultra in the "MBK-Colors" product. For a few dollars you can select "2x 1U - Homing" and receive a keycap which fits in the right-shift slot. The "Homing" model has a raised ridge on the upper end of the keycap, making it easy to distinguish with a fingertip without looking. Behold, and click for big:

An easily-distinguishable keycap installed on the MNT Reform latpop