Update deps
This is also unnecessary :D
Remove unnecessary package
Improved logging around current parser
Switching to poetry build system for consistency
Import order matters for this __init__

Some of these modules depend on __init__ having certain information available.
version 0.2.0
Merge branch 'namespaces'
Enable namespace for parsers!
Create a namespace for parsers
Use loguru
Strip out the web server
Add a build tool!
fixup gitignore
3c4fb7d5 — Kyle Jones 2 years ago
Split out the broker parsers library
72a96039 — Kyle Jones 2 years ago
A __main__ for this isn't *really* useful.
683ebfca — Kyle Jones 2 years ago
Procfile for deployment
0b4fe8aa — Kyle Jones 2 years ago
Tiny amount of typing
Update packages
4f50dd60 — Kyle Jones 2 years ago
Using pre-commit hooks!
Update packages