Rename readme, some services are picky about case
Version 1.0.0

It works :D
A readme!
Rename to GarreTTS
Change the plugin_file interface
environment files update
Fix behavior for PluginFileMissing

This now shows the error before showing the file chooser.
The window has a name, now
Add a save button!
Give user feedback: Toggle the synthesizer button
Replace settle() with actual state
Simplify the synthesizer

This requires putting a bit more of the synthesizer decisions into the form, and changing how we communicate the synthesizer desired. Both are good, but the latter is important; because previously we always synthesized with the selected one instead of the original one. We now store the synthesizer persistently, and will handle it if it becomes unavailable.
Clarify/Simplify PlaybackItem init
Preload limitation, require synthesizer

This is okay to do because a synthesizer is only noted if we don't encounter an error.
Log the synthesizer used
Important things go in the main()
apparently synthesizers can just return *nothing*

I should probably deal with that appropriately.
Flatten the objects into basic functions

This makes it easier to actually delete objects, too.
Use dataclasses for attributes

These need to be this way if using asdict is desired (and it is).
flake8 cleanup

Unused imports, some odd function definitions.