bugfix: Fuse is not the correct iterator here

We want this to be a pattern of 16, 0, repeat, which is provided by cycle(), not fuse() since fuse will not start over at the end, but will force the iterator to produce None once it ever reaches that state. I chose the wrong one.
Rename: stub_resolver->lookup, it is more fitting.
$ rustfmt
Implement a proxy resolver server! Neato! :D
Allow a better method for grabbing the entire packet buffer
Expose ResultCode
stub_resolver is more useful than the packet parser by default, now!
Revert accepting multiple domains for query

For some reason I'm not currently aware of, requesting more than 1 question appears to be a nono.
Make the stub resolver more useful from cmdline

- Convert to using an argument parser
- Allow specifying query server and rtype
- Allow specifying a domain
Add impl for FromStr trait to QueryType
(re)Name a file more accurately
Add argument for packet parser
Preparation for setting bits in byte buffers
Simplify Into/From trait impl
Add more record types!
bugfix: Don't pull 4 u32's for a u32 address.
Use a less error-prone way to specify shifts
bugfix: write_u32 should accept a u32
Small tidying.
Avoid new() construction by preferring impl Default
bugfix: Put the name in the structure.

Yeah maybe not dropping it on the floor would be a good idea.