d80b5873 — Kyle Jones 7 months ago master
Update deps
f26e6a40 — Kyle Jones 7 months ago
Deps update
44bd40af — Kyle Jones 9 months ago
Change build tool flit->poetry

Fixes ValidatedCallpass not doing its job
ValidatedCallpass now... validates

Its super is no longer a dataclass, so post_init never fires
Add tests for ValidatedCallsign, too
Comparisons work properly now
Add tests
A bit cleaner implementation

Moving the wsgi server into its own package
Use flit for packaging
Collapse CSS into a single file
Allow multiple callsigns to be specified

This will still raise exceptions, in the middle of the batch, if it fails to validate a callsign
Migration to Quart
585f4a28 — Kyle Jones 2 years ago
changes? I guess I'll take them.
Templates should be in jinja2 format
Cache our requests for an hour
Server is server for wsgi and main.

Also include requirements.
Initial commit from a github thing
Transition to a Pipfile