automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.13.2
Revert "Fixes unchecked return from link() in dotlock.c"

This reverts commit 317b7f6b53d8a4272acf8ef1b56f3406e9bc2691.
automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.13.1
Update UPDATING file for 1.13.1 release.
Fix segv in IMAP postponed menu caused by reopen_allow.

imap_open_mailbox() leaves IMAP_REOPEN_ALLOW set for the connection.
I noticed this previously but didn't bother untangling the logic yet
because the index always calls mx_check_mailbox() right away, which
unsets the flag.

However, when debugging the segv for commit 51729d8d I realized the
postponed menu/context also suffers from the problem, leaving the menu
ripe for segvs due to unmanaged expunges.

I believe imap_read_headers() turns it off and back on to avoid
goofing up imap_cmd_finish() when a reopen *is* allowed.

The logic needs to be cleaned up and fixed.  However for a stable
branch fix, I'm am taking a conservative approach and just calling
mx_check_mailbox() to turn it back off.
Fix imap postponed mailbox use-after-free error.

mutt_get_postponed() was calling mx_close_mailbox(), but not checking
the return value.  Because the postponed context is an actual
read-write, selected mailbox in a new connection, a failed close left
a dangling pointer in connection->idata->ctx.

imap_keepalive() traversed the connection list, finding the Postponed
connection still there, and passed the dangling pointer to

Change an empty postponed mailbox to just call fastclose.  Change the
other closes to retry on a postive return code "reopen" event and then
finally just call fastclose.

Outside the index and postponed menu, Mutt's code only uses append or
readonly temporary contexts.  Those are guaranteed to call
mx_fastclose_mailbox() and return 0.
Rename sidebar mailbox shortcuts option and default off.

Rename to $sidebar_use_mailbox_shortcuts.  The shortening wasn't that
much shorter and made the name confusing.

To prevent complaints in the future as others transition to 1.13,
default off.
Make shortpath/indent code guards explicit.

In actuality, the parent_depth and indent_width won't ever be

But the new code for unset $sidebar_relative_shortpath_indent makes
this much less obvious.  Better to be explicit than have some small
future code change result in a bug.
Create $sidebar_relative_shortpath_indent, default unset.

When unset this option provides the pre-1.13.0 sidebar indentation and
shortpath behavior.

Setting the option will enable the new (relative to previous entries)
indentation and shortening behavior.

Note the mailbox shortcuts are controlled by
$sidebar_use_mb_shortcuts, which defaults set.
Fix new option order in the manual.

I actually intended to push commit abfaa0e0 to a remote branch, but
accidentally ended up pushing it to stable. :-O

Anyway, I think the option is okay, but may have to tweek it a bit.
This fixes a mistake where it was placed out of order in init.h.
Add $sidebar_use_mb_shortcuts to turn off shortcuts.

If unset, Mutt will revert to pre-1.13 display behavior, matching and
removing a literal $folder prefix, without using mailbox shortcuts.
Minor documentation fixes.
automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.13.0
Set UPDATING file release date for 1.13.0.
Change "Prf Enc" to "Prf Encr".

Make the abbreviation a bit clearer, that it means Encryption instead
of Encoding.

Thanks to Morten Bo Johansen for the suggestion.
c6845bd1 — Olaf Hering 6 months ago
Update de.po

Sync from mutt.pot after 'make update-po'

Signed-off-by: Olaf Hering <olaf@aepfle.de>
e8214c87 — Tamotsu TAKAHASHI 6 months ago
Update copyright year
be4801f8 — Tamotsu TAKAHASHI 6 months ago
Update ja.po
Clarify $write_bcc documentation.

The wording was ambiguous, and could give the impression that a
message, if fcc'ed, would contain the Bcc header when sent too.
Add a bit more documentation about sending.

Although the behavior has now been fixed, add $write_bcc references to
$record, $sendmail, and $smtp_url to make users more aware of the